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What would you do for love?
Would you kill?
Would you die?
Would you give up your soul?

British soldier, Dr James Sharpe, returned from Afghanistan a changed man.

Like most war veterans haunted by deadly choices and the horrors of battle, James struggles against his demons.

Unlike other ex-soldiers, his demons are real. Transformed in the heat of a desert battlefield, James Sharpe is now a vampire.

Struggling London artist, Gabriel Dare, has his own secrets – like who he really is, and why he lived on the streets before lodging with Dr Sharpe; like the ghosts he used to see, that made others question his sanity.

James knows Gabriel is the best thing in his life, but questions his ability to love and fears he’s a danger to all.

Gabriel knows there’s something different about his enigmatic landlord, but can’t deny his attraction.

When some of Gabriel’s street friends go missing, he discovers that London is full of monsters – real, vicious, otherworldly monsters.

The two men join forces with a clairvoyant cop and a Peer of the Realm to uncover the truth, for it seems the vampire who sired James is back in London – with a diabolical agenda that threatens the entire nation.
Ravenfall, the lastest book by Narrelle M Harris is a page-turning romantic action adventure.


978-0-9954394-6-7 (paperback)
978-0-9954394-7-4 (ebook)

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