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Celebrating Vikki Petraitis and Casefile: True Crime Podcast

Casefile True Crime Podcast Inside the Law Vikki Petraitis

A Clan Destine 25%-off Special on
Inside the Law: 25 Years of True Crime Writing

to celebrate what is going to be a huge couple of months for
our very own True Crime author Vikki Petraitis


Vikki has been working for a year on her first podcast series with the amazing team at the award-winning, Aussie-produced Casefile: True Crime Podcast. Casefile’s internationally popular podcasts look at solved and unsolved real crimes from across the world.

Listeners were so intrigued following their release of Case 80: Beth Barnard that Casefile asked Vikki to make a long-form podcast on the case.

The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron – a 10-episode series – explores the 1986 homicide and disappearance universally known as the ‘mysterious Phillip Island murder’.

This case has been intriguing armchair detectives for three decades, mostly due to Vikki’s bestselling book about the technically-unsolved murder of Beth Barnard and the disappearance of Vivienne Cameron.

Clan Destine Press is proud to be, since 2018, the publisher of The Phillip Island Murder – which Vikki first wrote and published back in 1994.

The Casefile podcast series of The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron was snapped up exclusively by Spotify and is being released in Australia, US, UK, Canada, and Ireland this week – on November 12.

The Phillip Island Murder may have been Vikki’s first foray into true crime but it led her down a path of research and investigation and into a life of true crime that has, so far, produced 16 books.

Clan Destine Press is proud to be the publisher of three of those books: The Phillip Island Murder, The Frankston Murders, and Vikki’s true crime memoir – Inside the Law: 25 years of True Crime Writing.

Vikki Petraitis: The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron

Casefile Podcast: Let’s Celebrate

To give Casefile ‘listeners’ – and all true crime fans – an insight into the writer behind the voice, CDP is hosting a ‘podcast celebration sale’ on the paperback and eBook of Inside the Law.

Until the end of January 2021 there will be A$10 (25%) off the paperback; and 20% off the eBooks – when they are ordered through the Clan Destine Press website.

Oh, and there’s an official trailer exclusive to Spotify, for the Casefile podcast of The Vanishing of Vivienne Cameron.

Postage* within Australia is around $5-7 (per order); international postage is $10-15 (per book).

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  • Anne Moran on

    Hi Vikki, thanks for a fabulous podcast. One question, was Fergus left handed, as the neck wound suggests it was inflicted by a left handed person.


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